Stockton Executive Advisors provides confidential advisory services to individuals and businesses seeking expertise in facilitating positive change through SEAchange Business Coaching and Consulting.


For Business: To promote organizational excellence through the sharing of best practices, breaking down barriers to success and supporting the implementation of positive change.

For Individuals: To guide a person through the process of self-discovery to greater strength and effectiveness allowing them to achieve goals, reduce stress, improve relationships and reach their highest potential.


Consulting – Process Focused

  • Implementing structure and efficiency to business processes

  • Facilitating strategic planning

  • Effecting organizational change

  • Improving and monitoring sales plan effectiveness

Coaching – People Centered

  • Advising and supporting executives

  • Fostering leadership and building new capacities

  • Helping achieve personal development goals

  • Improving communication skills

  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts




Tamera (Tammy) Stockton Gundersen founded Stockton Executive Advisors as a natural progression from senior management at GE Capital and a 25 year history of working in commercial finance, healthcare, and nonprofit administration. Tamera brings to her clients the best practices, leadership and managerial training of a world class company along with her extensive background in finance, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

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SEAchange works with businesses and individuals in all industry segments including those highlighted below.


  • Small to Mid-Size Businesses

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Physician Practice Groups

  • Senior Housing and Care Owners and Operators


  • Business Owners

  • CEO’s and Executives

  • Artists, Musicians and Arts Administrators

  • Physicians, Attorneys, Accountants