Coaching Endorsements

“What you have given me is well beyond professional insight. You have a robust sense of understanding the range of individual capacity."

My time with Tamera Gundersen has changed the way I view my world.  I came to her afraid and in crisis.  Through our study of the Enneagram and subsequent coaching she has helped me develop an awareness of my body and my behavior that has allowed me to change how I react to the events of my life.  I now understand that we can choose how to respond to situations and how our responses affect those around us.  I am amazed by how far I have come after one year of coaching and would highly recommend SEAchange to anyone interested in improving their life."

“What I found to be helpful was your intuition to see behind the scenes, your first-hand experience which established trust and perspective, your candor and your knowledge of what it takes to be a success in most any field.”
“SEAchange is helping me to change how I approach personal and professional organization and task management. The approaches and techniques are simple. If you are ready for change that will make clearer pathways to personal and professional success, I highly recommend SEAchange.”
“The most profound skills that Tamera has helped me to find are how to simplify projects and see the tasks before me more clearly. This clarity in turn allows me to manage my responsibilities simply—without becoming overwhelmed or distracted, and without going off task. Tasks which appeared too large or confusing no longer take on a life of their own or get out of control. I manage them calmly, and with confidence that they will be completed in a timely way. Her manner is personal, professional and non-judgmental.”
“Tamera couples excellent listening skills with astute perception. While listening to me describe my background, she was already identifying how best to help me achieve my goals. She identified strengths and weaknesses in my organizational habits—some I knew, some I did not--so I could use them to recognize ways toward improvement, as well ways to avoid the obstacles to efficiency and success that slow momentum. She is direct. She lays out her points and suggestions clearly. If you are ready to realize greater personal and professional potential, SEAchange can help you find success and confidence at a new level.”
“I want to thank you for the coaching you have been providing for me. It really has been invaluable. You are a wonderful listener with deep empathy. Most importantly, you are able to translate what you hear into action items. On a professional level, you continue to help me look at my career on several levels. You have also helped me identify some of my stumbling blocks to greater success and have suggested concrete strategies to hurdle those obstacles. I would highly recommend your services to anyone interested in advancing and enhancing their professional lives. You truly have a gift at this!”