SEAchange promotes excellence. Best practices are used to break down barriers and help implement action strategies resulting in positive change. With SEAchange you work with a seasoned business professional and receive confidential, personalized service.

SEAchange works with businesses of all sizes and is uniquely qualified in the following industry segments: senior housing and care, professional services, family run companies, educational institutions and nonprofits.

SEAchange has been hired to assist small companies that have found themselves growing rapidly without the necessary structure to support such growth, mature companies that find themselves in a rut or out of step with current trends, and with the owners of companies who find they are spending their days entirely at the beck and call of their company and without any free time for family or self.

Put simply, SEAchange assists executives and their companies in achieving their goals. The goal may be acute and involve resolving a crisis or dysfunction, or it may be comprehensive requiring the adoption of a new way of operating a business to meet personal as well as corporate objectives.

At the heart of each assignment is looking at the bigger picture to ensure that the correct issue is being addressed. An immediate desire for a reduction in stress may result in spontaneous decisions that may not reflect the best strategy for the future of the business. Having a skilled objective advisor who actively listens, questions and offers alternative strategies, can help reduce stress and foster long-term success.

When to engage a business consultant:

  • Are you a young, rapidly growing company that has not had time to standardize business processes or document your corporate strategy?

  • Have you recently taken charge of your family’s business and feel an operational change is in order?

  • Do you find yourself wondering why you went in to medicine only to be consumed with the running of your business?

  • As a nonprofit board member do you feel your executive director could use some hands-on business training?

  • Are you worried that your company has become disorganized, that your standard processes are no longer fail proof and that customer satisfaction is being impacted?

  • Are you a mature company that is beginning to suffer from a lack of structure? Do you have a loyal, longstanding staff but have lost managerial control and accountability? Are office squabbles impacting productivity?

  • Are your staff meetings unproductive and a perceived waste of time?

SEAchange addresses these concerns and more by providing assistance in strategic planning, business process improvements, efficiency measures, and facilitating organizational change.